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Long Time No See…

How long do I was away from this blog? Its almost 6 months, isn’t it? and even before that, I was away for quite some time. Pardon my abscence (^,^;) I didn’t stop drawing, I just uploading things at my Instagram more often because I have the app on my phone. To be honest, I am kinda confused (notice the present tense, I am still confuse) whether I should double upload in my Instagram and here or nah since it’ll be boring for you guys…or is it only in my mind? 😦 I think I should also update things here  (>n<). I will reupload few things from my Instagram here, since I start to make a daily doodle there…its a pencil sketch tho~<3 hang in there, I’ll be back soon. :* :* :*


Pie Strawberry


Sorry for a long pause, I need to get hold of something then hehehehe XD Anyway, because I can’t produce the fine shade of black, I change the new girl’s hair with sephia color *she will often appear here, so I decide to make her hair color fairly consistent….and right now, black is not my strongest shade T__T)*