The Little Sharks Who Love Noodle

In the beginning of this week, I have a weird dream. I stumbled upon some kind of street pet seller (for fish)…right there, I spotted a mini shark and thinking “WOW! I want you little fishie!” who wouldn’t buy a shark??!! Moreover, a mini shark!! Isn’t it lovely XD I brought it home and placed the aquarium on my desk, so I could greet it every time I want :3

But, something happen in the evening…that little shark, while I’m unaware of it…dove into a bowl of noodle I intended to eat. Unfortunately, because of the lack of water in it…the little shark died~ tangled in the noodle…

A few days later, I bought another mini shark from the same pet seller. It ended in the same way with the first shark…dove and tangled into the noodle I made for dinner…I only remember the sadness…why they did that?

Do you think I’ll gave up on raising the mini shark?? No can do-ville baby doll~ I’ll try my best and bought another sharks…over 4-5 sharks later and they still being a suicide squad over my noodle~ WTF with them and the noodle???!!

In the end, I bought another type of shark…called Whale Shark…and it end the same way as its friends…even before I came to my home, it jump into randomly found noodle…

Did they love noodle just too much?


Suddenly, I have an urge to make a short children story about it…but the shark won’t be dead by the noodle…wkwkwkwkwkwk XD Sounds better with that twist isn’t it?




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