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6. A Mermaid in Red

28 Jul


I have no idea what to draw sometimes…even though this month is a Watercolor Month ahahahaha XD so, I decide to pick a random lot from my “Random Things to Draw” jar 😀 this is my first time using one color only…quite fun, because there is no need to think what color goes well with what :p


5. A Kiss to Settle an Ever After

25 Jul


This is my fanart about School for Good and Evil again, for the second book of this trilogy XD This time, Agatha wished to go back to school and find Tedros her soulmate…I mean, her prince. And here they are again…in the school for good and evil…but no, school for boys and girls…after Sophie and Agatha’s happy ending, girls thought that boys aren’t needed at all. It becoming a world without princes.

I love this scene!! The scene where Agatha resist not to meet Tedros anymore, but her heart crave for him. In addition, Sophie’s witch symptom appear again…it make Agatha want to meet Tedros to settle another happy ever after with his kiss and banish Sophie home before somebody get killed by her. Agatha sneaking into the school for boys not noticing Sophie following her behind. Sophie really really scared Agatha will leave her behind, Agatha is the only person who ever love her…she doesn’t want her to leave her behind…and when Agatha nearly kissed Tedros, Sophie interrupted them and made them misunderstand that the one want to kill the other…

Their 2nd journey, a refreshing read indeed…if you are a fantasy book lover, you’ll love this book XD

Drawing Challenge: Children of the Forest

14 Jun

Hansel and Gretel

When the draw for the Drawing Challenge stated that I should draw “Children of the Forest” only them came to my mind~ Hansel and Gretel who lost in the middle of forest, thrown out by their father not once but twice and their luck ceased as the forest animals feed on their breads trail.



Drawing Challenge: Snail and Flower

13 May


(Belated) Drawing Challenge: Page 93 of Random Book of Your Choosing

4 May

Well, pardon us for being late. Geby had her midterm exam and I just love my thesis so much (sense the irony please~)

So, this is our work for the “Please pick a random book, open page 93 and make a drawing out of it” Themed Drawing Challenge *quite a long title though :p sorry not sorry*

Geby used a book titled “100 years old man who climbed out the window and disappeared”



Meanwhile, I used a book wrote by Leo Tolstoy titled “Kreutzer Sonata”. This book is a superb!! For a man in his century, Leo Tolstoy portrayed the patriarchal society from a new point of view. I’ll write the review of this book later in this week…hopefully in English~ A bitter story about hypocrisies of nineteenth-century marriage told by a man who murdered his own wife.

Drawing Challenge: Small Change

29 Apr


This is not Drawing Challenge did by me and Geby. This is a self-appointed drawing challenge :3 Themed: Small Change~ originally this drawing was done in the postcard sized paper (around a6) :p

Drawing Challenge: Hatred

9 Apr

Last March ago, I think I mention that me and Geby doing the other drawing challenge with HATRED theme…this is our drawing for this second drawing challenge


Yeaaah….I am not used to draw something with negative emotion as the themeand yet I quite like drawing like this XD It’s like trying something new, I feel adrenaline rush in every brushstroke I made. My heartbeat gone wild like I am having a Tachycardia as I  anticipated the result of that stroke….kinda exaggerated isn’t it? wkwkwkwkwk :3 but still, it’s fun~<3


And this is Geby’s work. Still different genre from mine…like the last time~ XD I think she too having fun as she draws this then wkwkwkwkwk



Our next theme is quite random as the lot says “Pick a random book and open page 93, draw something out of it” see you later ❤