9. It has been a long time, right?






This is a random drawing I posted because today is the first day of WORLD WATERCOLOR MONTH XD yeeeyyy….I might having difficulties posting the drawing everyday because this month, our country having a super looooong holiday which made me kinda out of reach from the scanner (=___=) what a bummer. Sorry for the inconvenience of the viewer of my random drawings and the reader of my comic strips (pmpm’s and polly’s) I’ll be back as soon and I could…


And eventhough I might not be able to upload my drawing due the circumstances, sometimes I’ll still uploading the progress of either comics and WORLD WATERCOLOR MONTH on my Instagram…come to see me @ananditakumala ❤ happy holiday guys, Selamat Idul Fitri XD

(Belated) Drawing Challenge: Page 93 of Random Book of Your Choosing

Well, pardon us for being late. Geby had her midterm exam and I just love my thesis so much (sense the irony please~)

So, this is our work for the “Please pick a random book, open page 93 and make a drawing out of it” Themed Drawing Challenge *quite a long title though :p sorry not sorry*

Geby used a book titled “100 years old man who climbed out the window and disappeared”



Meanwhile, I used a book wrote by Leo Tolstoy titled “Kreutzer Sonata”. This book is a superb!! For a man in his century, Leo Tolstoy portrayed the patriarchal society from a new point of view. I’ll write the review of this book later in this week…hopefully in English~ A bitter story about hypocrisies of nineteenth-century marriage told by a man who murdered his own wife.