9. It has been a long time, right?



8. Akbar


Again, another original character of mine~ no full name yet…just love this kind chubby man XD




This is a random drawing I posted because today is the first day of WORLD WATERCOLOR MONTH XD yeeeyyy….I might having difficulties posting the drawing everyday because this month, our country having a super looooong holiday which made me kinda out of reach from the scanner (=___=) what a bummer. Sorry for the inconvenience of the viewer of my random drawings and the reader of my comic strips (pmpm’s and polly’s) I’ll be back as soon and I could…


And eventhough I might not be able to upload my drawing due the circumstances, sometimes I’ll still uploading the progress of either comics and WORLD WATERCOLOR MONTH on my Instagram…come to see me @ananditakumala ❤ happy holiday guys, Selamat Idul Fitri XD

Drawing Challenge: Children of the Forest

Hansel and Gretel

When the draw for the Drawing Challenge stated that I should draw “Children of the Forest” only them came to my mind~ Hansel and Gretel who lost in the middle of forest, thrown out by their father not once but twice and their luck ceased as the forest animals feed on their breads trail.


(Belated) Drawing Challenge: Page 93 of Random Book of Your Choosing

Well, pardon us for being late. Geby had her midterm exam and I just love my thesis so much (sense the irony please~)

So, this is our work for the “Please pick a random book, open page 93 and make a drawing out of it” Themed Drawing Challenge *quite a long title though :p sorry not sorry*

Geby used a book titled “100 years old man who climbed out the window and disappeared”



Meanwhile, I used a book wrote by Leo Tolstoy titled “Kreutzer Sonata”. This book is a superb!! For a man in his century, Leo Tolstoy portrayed the patriarchal society from a new point of view. I’ll write the review of this book later in this week…hopefully in English~ A bitter story about hypocrisies of nineteenth-century marriage told by a man who murdered his own wife.