9. It has been a long time, right?



2. Gatotkaca


For the second day, I think I’ll make a fan art for Is Yuniarto’s books titled GARUDAYANA. These are some good books guys….they are comics actually to be precise. A comic about a long days epic called MAHABARATA. Have you heard about that? Gatotkaca is a warrior born to fight and rumored to have super strong (and hopefully sexy) body…have no childhood because some shits make him grew up faster than any child will ever face~




This is a random drawing I posted because today is the first day of WORLD WATERCOLOR MONTH XD yeeeyyy….I might having difficulties posting the drawing everyday because this month, our country having a super looooong holiday which made me kinda out of reach from the scanner (=___=) what a bummer. Sorry for the inconvenience of the viewer of my random drawings and the reader of my comic strips (pmpm’s and polly’s) I’ll be back as soon and I could…


And eventhough I might not be able to upload my drawing due the circumstances, sometimes I’ll still uploading the progress of either comics and WORLD WATERCOLOR MONTH on my Instagram…come to see me @ananditakumala ❤ happy holiday guys, Selamat Idul Fitri XD