Komik PMPM 44: Stalker Detected!!



Komik PMPM 18: Komik Kucing di Webtoons


I enjoy webtoons so much since early 2015…a bunch of good stuffs there *I mean it guys!! take a look!! I’m sure you’ll be enchanted* sometimes the stories even moved your heart…I’m pretty sure that I am indeed a crybaby and softhearted girl, so the term ‘moved your heart’ may not apply to you, but still!!!! GOOD STUFFS GUYS!!!

My heart was stolen by a heartwarming short stories called “My Kitty and Old Dog” soooooooooo bad, it jerking my tears away from my eyes :p and that was exactly the stories that make me cry in the strip comic above….

and now, I practically can’t live without webtoons~ #ForgetThesis #FuckPriority #IAmsoDamned #Bye XP